the journey to Trochenbrod And Lozisht aug 2006 - ט
 Trochenbrod And Lozisht
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when World War II started in 1939
Wohlin was transferred to the Soviet.
Jewish refugees from occupied Poland
settled in Zofjowka and Ignatowka.
the first had now about 3,500 residents
the latter had about 1,200 residents.
in 1941 the Germans attacked the USSR
and the Jewish towns were conquered.
the Germans then appointed
an Ukrainian administration
including a Ukrainian police force.
During the first days of occupation
many Jews were murdered
and Jewish possessions destroyed.
Jewish self-defense was then organized
as the Germans appointed a Judenrat
and the Jews were required
to do forced labor in agriculture
and pay hundreds of rubles.
in 1942 The Jews of Ignatowka
were transferred to Zofjowka
the first "Aktion" was carried out
followed by 2 others later on that year
the majority of the Jews in town
were brought to the forest
and were slaughtered all-together
and buried in mass graves
while the few remaining Jews
were locked in the local synagogue
and killed when it was set on fire.
in the two former Jewish towns now
there were no longer Jews to be found.
a few of the former residents though
managed to escape to the forest
and fight together with the partisans
some of them came to Israel later on.
when the Russian red army
had liberated the two towns
before the end of the war
they found nothing but fields
as all of the houses
in Trochenbrod And Lozisht
were utterly demolished.