the journey to Trochenbrod And Lozisht aug 2006 - ט
 the preperations
the planning
the people
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the visit to the TAL fields
was a project in itself.
as there is no regular transportation
to the deserted corn and wheat fields
it was necessary to arrange
some kind of transportation
in order to carry the large group of people
from the nearest village to TAL
and than to the forest and back again.
a son of a former TAL resident
Mr. Avrom Ben-David from the US
who had been there before
volunteered to help with the matter.
helping him was the local interpreter Sergey.
both were about to meet the group in Lutsk.
when TAL DAY arrived
it was all sorted out.
the vehicles as funny as they were
as well as the local drivers
were all ready to serve the group
and the logistics of the visit
went as smoothly as it could.

you can read some of the emails
that had been sent by Yehuda to Avrom
in the period before the start of the Journey

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