the journey to Trochenbrod And Lozisht aug 2006 - ט
 the preperations
the planning
the people
the menu
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in order to make it real
it was needed to plan
every small detail in advance
long before the Journey began.
as the two towns were ruled
throughout the years of the last century
by both Poland and the Ukraine
it was very important of course
that the Journey would start
at the capital of the first rulers
and end at the capital of the latter ones
as well as symbolic it was also a better way
to attract the potential participants.
on the other hand a Ukraine only trip
would be of course much easier to arrange.
the organiser worked together
with the traveling agency
as many details had to be dealt with :
the exact route , the hotels , the meals
the guides , the buses , the drivers , the flights
the time tables , the visas , the tips and so on.