the journey to Trochenbrod And Lozisht aug 2006 - ט
 Day 8
the outskirt
the monument
the ceremony
the synagogue
in the city
the hotel
the flight
the airport
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the eighth day
of the Journey
began in Kiev.
after the last breakfast
of the Journey
the group visited
the infamous Babi-Yar outskirt
where the last ceremony
of its kind
took place in the rain.
the local synagogue
was the next stop
and after a few hours
out and around
in the big city
it was back to the hotel
for the last check out
of the Journey
before climbing on the buses
for the last driving
of the Journey
and arriving at the airport
for the short night flight
back to Tel-Aviv
where at the air port
it was the right moment
to say good bye to everybody
and to the organiser
say thank you very much