the journey to Trochenbrod And Lozisht aug 2006 - ט
 Day 4
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 the flat in Lviv
during the lunch break
in the city centre of Lviv
Yehuda Dotan's close family
visited the former flat
of Moshe L. Miller
Miriam ( Nini ) Dotan's father
which is located about 5 minutes walk
from the famous opera house
 the flat in Lviv
the building is still there
it even looks more or less
the same as it looked
in the old photo
from more than half a century ago
 the flat in Lviv
the very poor family
with its many family members
had shared the tiny flat
until they left Lviv
and came to Tel-Aviv
in the mid 1930.
 the flat in Lviv
the Jews were the only ones
who used to reside in this building
today local people can be found there
and they were nice enough
to let Yehuda and Miriam
and also their sons
Uri and Omer
take a few pictures there
before uniting with the group again
 the flat in Lviv